• Congratulations on the 2016 Huabao group summary commendation cum 2017 year party a complete success

    Source site: XINLE HUABAO PLASTIC MACHINERY CO.,LTD Release time: 2017-01-26

    In January 18, 2017 the company held the Warburg group in 2016 and 2017 sum in recognition of the new party, Deputy General Manager Deputy General Manager Deputy Manager Deputy General Manager Chen Zengguo, deputy general manager Ma Guoliang, Liu Minqi, Zhao Qingxin, Liu Junqi, Chai, Lianshui machinery company products company, sensors, medical supplies company Li Guang, Zhang Junqiang and the film company worker, advanced individual, advanced collective representatives, staff more than 2000 people attended the meeting.
    The group general manager Chen Zengguo made an important speech at the meeting, highly summarized and comprehensive summary of the working group in 2016, and in 2017 the focus of the work of the deployment; Deputy General Manager and general manager of company of group of "Hebei machinery company Ma Guoliang Warburg presses the Limited by Share Ltd in 2016 working summary". Deputy general manager and general manager of company of group of products company Zhao Qingxin read "Hebei Warburg presses Limited by Share Ltd 2016 annual assessment of honor". The general manager of the company general manager Liu Minqi read "medical notice" to carry out the study to the Hebei Limited by Share Ltd Warburg Warburg craftsmen plastic film company Liu Junqi read "notice to carry out labor to the 2016 year model and advanced workers and advanced collective study of the Hebei Limited by Share Ltd Warburg presses".
    In the joy of music, the leadership of the company for the award of advanced workers, advanced collective representation, model workers, craftsmen and Warburg Award for outstanding contributions to individual certification. In the passionate, warm, lively, happy atmosphere, the employees of the company and Xinle Xiyanghong team presented versatile performances, especially machinery company song "without the Communist Party there would be no new China" and products company EVA fashion parenting show, not only showed the employee positive enterprising spirit, but also fully reflects the staff fully understand the company's products.

    Finally, we again congratulate Huabao group in 2016 has achieved remarkable results, and we look forward to 2017 Huabao group glory!