• American plastic union China Plastic Association visit our company

    Source site: XINLE HUABAO PLASTIC MACHINERY CO.,LTD Release time: 2016-11-07

    On November 3, 2016, vice president of the United States plastics industry association Michael Taylor in Chinese Plastic Machinery Industry Association Secretary General Su Dongping, deputy secretary general Wang Jing, accompanied by deputy director of International Cooperation Department of the Wu Jianlun of our study guide, for our current main products, the future trend of development, the workshop equipment in detail understand, and gave full affirmation and praise.

    Mr. Michael Taylor also expressed his warm invitation to join us Plastics Industry Association, in the U.S. market to promote. We are deeply honored, we will also take this opportunity to continue to strive to create quality equipment for the fiery Chinese plastic machinery industry to fill a fire!